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What we do

what we do

Production of visual content, motion graphics and animation

what we do

Production of textual content based on the principles of SEO and digital marketing

what we do

Visual identity design and branding, packaging and printing of catalogs and manuals

what we do

Production and content management of social networks


There is not a minute or second that our eyes are not exposed to advertising in various forms. TV teasers are still powerful and influential among programs, and much of the activity of companies and brands on social media is about introducing their products, and we all have the experience of closing ads when using different sites. So there is no escaping the world of advertising, but are they all effective and impressive? In order to have a stunning presence in the market and not get lost in the mass of this content, it is necessary to follow new formal and expressive methods in all forms of content production and digital marketing. AIRIN Companys content team is ready to participate in this attractive market with a great variety of narrative and advertising forms.



Adobe After Effects

ساخت جذاب ترین انیمیشن ها، ویدیوها و موشن گرافی ها


Adobe Illustrator

طراحی تصویرسازی ها، لوگوها و پوسته های سایت و نرم افزار


Adobe InDesign

طراحی تمامی فایل ها در حوزه چاپ


Adobe Photoshop

طراحی تمامی فایل های گرافیکی




Cinema Monthly is a show about the film industry that is published on the web and through the Aparat platform. This 90-minute video magazine examines the current issues of world cinema in a specialized way and in various sections. Read More
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