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Bisquiz game

Bisquiz game is one of the other products of the gaming department of the leading Irene Fanvar company. It is an educational and learning game based on word games. It has been developed in order to motivate and strengthen knowledge in various fields. Simultaneous users who can play and interact with other competitors on this platform are actually learning the concepts they were interested in learning. The reason for creating the platform is to be able to use this game and training in different areas. The way the platform works is that a new game is created and a set of interesting questions for the desired field is entered (for example, English synonyms questions, general information questions in different fields) and rules for the game are determined. Then a mobile game is provided to users who can compete with other users in the field they are interested in learning in the form of an online game. The requirement to win in these competitions is knowing enough knowledge and skill in that stage of the game so that they can answer the questions faster than other competitors. Games are designed in different stages to help users reach their educational goals, and actually users are learning the things they want to learn while playing. Among the features of this unique game, we can mention online and real-time competition with other players, a unique feature among puzzle games. Very attractive gameplay that creates a revolution in educational games and applications. Interesting questions, various challenges, valuable guides and prizes make the education process an attractive path. The profile of the game users makes it possible for all the players to communicate with their other friends in this way and to have an experience similar to a social network by creating a group, group messages and personal messages.

Create a team Integration and initial gameplay testing ideation Idea analysis and finalization Publishing and supporting the game Making game components Finalizing the atmosphere Create a team ideation Idea analysis and finalization Finalizing the atmosphere Integration and initial gameplay testing Making game components Publishing and supporting the game






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