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What we do

what we do

Performing all IPRS and MT geophysical services in the field of gravimetry

what we do

Performing all geophysical services, including providing scientific topics and various analyzes, operation design, data, analysis and, qc data retrieval, data analysis and drilling in the fields, magnetometry and gradiometry on land and air

what we do

Development and construction of specialized and complete software in the field of geophysics

what we do

Providing specialized training in the Geophysical Academy both in person and online


AIRIN Companys geophysics team considers one of its most important achievements to be the construction of one of the worlds top software in the field of geology, geophysics, magnetometry and gradiometry. In addition to operations design, data capture and analysis, and qc data, other features such as lightness and usability on platforms such as tablets and mobiles can be mentioned. 24-hour support within the software and having a full academy of training in this area are other features. Also, users information is encrypted due to heavy data processing through the cloud and with high security, this software has a much better performance compared to similar examples. AIRINs geo team also offers brilliant products in magnetic, IPRS, EM and MT to industrial and commercial units.




انجام تمامى خدمات ژئوفیزیکى از جمله ارائه مباحث علمى و آنالیزهاى مختلف، طراحى عملیات، دیتا، آنالیز و ، qcبرداشت دیتا، تحلیل دیتا و حفارى در حوزه هاى، مغناطیس سنجى و گرادیومترى به صورت زمینى و هوایى




One of the most important projects of Airin's company's department is an online multiplayer game in the action, racing and shooting genres. Playing in different subjects such as match death team, all for free and royale battle in an apocalyptic atmosphere is underway. Stunning graphics along with the possibility of customizing the characters give the game a realistic feel and mood.
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