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Engineering delicacy

What we do

what we do

Industrial switching power supplies

what we do

Construction and commissioning of electromagnetic sensors

what we do

Construction and operation of electronic systems in the field of IOt

what we do

Construction and operation of traffic control systems, including traffic gates and elevator doors

what we do

Launching and developing exploration systems

Electronic Band

The efforts of AIRIN electronics specialists in its well-equipped laboratories have led to the production of unique electronic products. Manufacturing switching power supplies is one of the specialized products of AIRIN Electronic Department, which is designed and produced with different industrial diversity. Other specialized areas of AIRINs activity include the design, construction, and commissioning of electromagnetic and gradiometric sensors commonly used in the oil and gas, geology, geophysics, agriculture, urban planning, and industrial plant lines. Other activities of the Electronics Department include construction of inverter welding machines, construction of industrial and security metal detectors, construction of subsurface exploration systems such as magnetometer, geoelectric, IPRS and EMC systems, and construction of easy traffic control and door control systems.



Embedded system

ساخت انواع سامانه های نهفته



راه اندازی انواع میکرو کنترلر های صنعتی و عمومی



توانایی اجرای انواع استانداردهای EMC



ساخت و راه اندازی انواع سیستم های رباتیکی




Due to the existence of harsh sanctions and the lack of import of quality equipment in the welding industry, Airin Company tried to model a 200 amp welding system commensurate with the needs. Read More
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